The power of
patient engagement 

Patient engagement means staying connected with patients, building loyal relationships and engaging them in their health.

What if you could leverage your clinical encounters with patients to enhance your patient loyalty and promote better compliance and outcomes?

Unlock the power of House Calls

One of the core values of the functional medicine approach is patient empowerment. House Calls helps achieve that empowerment by engaging patients in their health, leading to better care and a downstream reduction in cost through best-of-class educational content and information, medication management, automated preventive screenings and easier clinical research recruitment/advertisement.

Building your brand

As patients receive regular communication from your office, you become a regular part of their life, building your brand through interaction and establishing a deeper level of trust.

Health, wellness & inspiration

We deliver content branded to your office covering a broad spectrum of topics from health and wellness to inspirational content. All content is reviewed by an accomplished group of doctors.

Surveying & polling

Use the House Calls service and technology to reach your patients for a variety of polling and surveying options. Spread your message, increase communication and evaluate outcomes.

What patients are saying

I read all the articles when I receive the emails. Very interesting and I learned so much from it.
- Patient survey response
I have learned many things about key health issues. The e-house calls makes me review and be alert to health problems that might confront me in the future.
- Patient survey response
Very helpful, I share with all my family and friends. Very helpful!!!
- Patient survey response
House Calls helps people
- Patient survey response

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